Links i love #1 : Just Favourites

There are so many amazing posts or topics here on the web …since this blog is a journal what or where better to keep this post than here ….

So without further ado here are 5 of my favourites from the blog

These posts have been saved for those non-internet moments.

1 . Paula writes : Paula talks on why you shouldn’t pursue a guy in this age of shoot your shots and she raised amazing points why we shouldn’t but wait on God’s perfect timing, much needed i tell you ,I’ve always been a go-getter “i see it i like it i got” while that’s good sometimes it hasn’t been all so lovely in the relationship aspect and now that’s the issue ,the question of should i,should i not anywhosss ….

2. Pinterest is becoming a gold mine for us bloggers and Lauren shares a one stop guide to nailing Pinterest

Another helpful pinterest post is this one here by the the Dizzy Brunette

3. In this post Asakemi shares with it means to be a Christian Minimalist and couldn’t have said it better ,Minimalism is one word I’ve heard countless of times but i keep wondering can i pull it off …i still love me some colors and stuffs

A post on Minimalism by Jasmine Lipska , what it means and why she chose it

4. Learning Languages is something i love doing when you want to travel and have your sights set on the UN then yes and thanks to the Duolingo app that’s very possible ,however Jasmine give tips on how to study Languages

5. Ah writing,writing,writing …can’t do without it and can’t do with it …writing is something I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this post here encourages you not to aspire to write but actually start writing …it’s so inspiring at least it inspired me to start writing with short stories so that’s something….

Thanks Marie

6. Erika of A Symphony of Praise tells her inspiring story of naturally coping with Depression in this three part series

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

We are all precious and have a purpose and so much more than just anxiety because we have him

7. In this post Allison Marie shares how to be content, in this time and age contentment is a sign of stagnancy but i believe it’s a time of total surrender….Read her take her while you await mine.

8. Olivia Paez from stories for coffee, shares letters to some of her favourite books,a good idea I’m borrowing because books are amazing an escape pod to other lives and minds of the author and character and i would want to share my letters as well.

Read her post here

Check out her YouTube channel for more Bookish Bliss: Stories for coffee

There you have it 8 of my favourite post ….not true tho because if i were to share we wouldn’t end here …haha I’m always surfing the net and finding one new articles to dive into so surely this isn’t all .

What are some of your favourite articles ,blogs,vlogs

Share them with me in the comment below

I love checking out new stuffs


4 thoughts on “Links i love #1 : Just Favourites

  1. Thanks for including my post and blog. I want you to know that you can be minimalist and still love your colors. Minimalism isn’t about colors but about intentions. There’s no one size fits all. You take the tool and make it work for you!

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