Dear July

The 7th month of the year is drawing to an end and I’m excited….here’s my month in a nutshell

Links i love #3

Part 3 of some gems i unearthed ,i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed them and may they encourage us

2019 Intentions: Half time review

There is a first time for everything they say and i have to say this is my first time ,normally i make a goal at the beginning of the year then abandon it till December 31st but now I’m so committed in making sure i do it all,Read more to see my mid month review …these might appear next month who knows

Lessons i learnt from reading the Bible Part 1

When i first started reading the Bible i read the Bible-i did it because there was nothing to do but found that it was a unified book leading up to one person- Jesus Christ and God’s faithfulness then and that faithfulness he’s still showing now to us

Hello July

It’s the 7th month of the year….5 months till we kiss 2019 goodbye but for now here are some goals for July