To my special person

you’re my favorite person and this is for you ,though i hope you never read it …hehe

A Shattered Life Restored Blog Tour + Q&A

This is my stop on Ms.Patterson’s new book …A shattered life Restored,read to find out more on it included is a Q&A to help understand the book better and the reason behind the book

Tuesday Inspiration

My moodboard of daily inspiration for the entire week …#dailyinspiration

It’s the little things || 2/31

I’m grateful for the little things in life – the blessings of waking up in the morning ,the privilege of spending time in God’s presence – the peace of mind he gives ,food ,family etc I am grateful for everything life brings no matter how mundane they are ….

My six senses right now

This is a tag that I’ve been meaning to post but never got around doing it , finally Hear Silence ,absolute silence ,well my family is sleeping and doing other stuff Touch The hardness of my phone Feel Warm …the sun is shining ,which is good after the rains Taste The aftertaste of breakfast –…